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Pied Pipers! (Print 1964 Rat hunt in Gorbals)

Pied Pipers! (Print 1964 Rat hunt in Gorbals)

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When it comes to spectator sports, this is, perhaps, a wee bit unusual - it's 1964 and these Gorbals locals have gathered to watch a rat hunt.

Just out of shot, the local weans are busy with sticks, rocks, and 'mudering prattle', trying to reduce the local rodent population. Quite what the feline population of the Gorbals felt about being done out of a job, we'll never know!

Thankfully, unlike the children of Hamelin, in the fairy tale, at the end of the day, the kids didn't vanish beneath a mountain, but went home for their tea, full of stories about their brave exploits.


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